The Urban Lily Talks Tropes
The Urban Lily Talks Tropes
Drama Watch 29 November 2022

Drama Watch 29 November 2022

In conversation with absoluteM

In this episode we natter about:

0:39 absoluteM talks about what she’s watching — Reborn Rich, Under the Queen’s Umbrella, Curtain Call, The First Responders

2:03 Me on Reborn Rich, The First Responders

3:15 absoluteM jumps in to talk about The First Responders

3:40 We go off tangent and critique Blind. *Spoilers alert*

4:48 The King of Pigs

6:55 Shadow Detective plug from me

7:56 Too many dramas and consequences

8:55 Unpolished/unfinished scripts

10:03 Back to Blind and comparisons with The King of Pigs *Spoilers alert*

13:17 Two C dramas: She and Her Perfect Husband

17:56 Two C dramas: Thank You, Doctor

20:31 Importance of good characters — character development

22:27 Competitive market —> diminished quality of scripts

23:53 Changing direction midstream (eg. makjangs); problems with adaptations

26:17 Hyperboles and hype

28:30 Reborn Rich — What kind of drama is it? (Apologies for my mispronunciation of transmigration)

32:24 Under the Queen’s Umbrella — Discussion

43:29 What’s coming up in December? New Shows and sequels (Missing: The Other Side Season 2, Can We Be Strangers?, My rant about Alchemy of Souls 45:03, Han Suk-kyu’s new drama: Recipe for Farewell, Son Suk-koo’s new drama Big Bet)

50:30 Preview for next podcast episode


The Urban Lily Talks Tropes
The Urban Lily Talks Tropes
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