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The Urban Lily Talks Tropes
Drama Watch 29 November 2023

Drama Watch 29 November 2023


In this episode we natter about current offerings and completed watches. So nothing new. :D As far as drama titles are concerned, we will also be talking about drama contract marriages, reincarnation and second chance stories. I apologize for the blocked nose but I’ve been suffering some really bad hay fever in the last month or so.

0:00 Introduction

0:57 Contract marriages and a little bit of makjang — The Story of the Park Marriage Contract, My Demon, Perfect Marriage Revenge

16:57 I review and critique Moon in the Day

24:08 We review C drama Chase the Truth featuring Wang Ziqi and Su Xiaotong. *Beware of spoilers*

37:58 I briefly talk about the new wuxia show A Journey To Love starring Liu Shishi, Liu Yuning and Alen Fang. In the podcast we say that it’s available iQiyi but I’ve since discovered that this drama is licensed by iQiyi in China and some other locations that are not covered by VIU.

42:07 I also mention the Story of Kunning Palace in passing. Then back to A Journey to Love.

48:07 absoluteM recommends A Daily Dose of Sunshine — slice-of-life medical drama from nursing, mental health POV. On Netflix.

51:11 We talk about the ending and other miscellaneous things pertaining to My Dearest Part 2

56:36 The conversation moves to Evillive starring Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Young-kwan and Shin Jae-ha. Minor spoilers.

1:07:18 absoluteM brings up Vigilante starring Nam Joo-hyuk, Yoo Ji-tae and Lee Joo-hyuk and we discuss

1:11:57 What’s coming up and absoluteM recommends Castaway Diva.

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The Urban Lily Talks Tropes
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