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Drama Watch 25 March 2024

Drama Watch 25 March 2024

Doctor Slump, Queen of Tears, The Impossible Heir, Nothing Uncovered, In Blossom, The Legend of Shen Li

This recording was made on the 25 March 2024.

4:43 A conversation about Doctor Slump starring Park Hyun-sik and Park Shin-hye. We talk about the rise in clinical depression, burn out and taking time out of the rat race.

15:15 An extended discussion of Queen of Tears in which we talk about the leads, characters, plot points and themes. We also praise the writer and the script. The drama boasts a stellar cast headed by Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Ji-won, Park Sung-hoon, Kwak Dong-yeon, Lee Mi-sook etc etc

53:47 absoluteM reviews The Impossible Heir

1:01:06 absoluteM highlights her issues with Nothing Uncovered. Cast includes Jang Seung-jo, Kim Ha-neul, Yeon Woo-jin. A drama about a journalist who suspects that her husband has been having an affair and may be responsible for a series of murders.

1:12:22 I recommend two douyin dramas. The first is a second chance story for a violinist who breaks up with her ex and flash marriages an old schoolmate who has just returned from abroad. It is a good example of how to build a long lasting marriage. The other is about a tumultuous relationship between a commercial pilot and an aviation doctor referred to in a previous post.

My current guilty pleasure are a type of love triangle involving two male leads — who are quite often relatives — in love with the same woman. The second male lead usually breaks up or divorces the female lead only to regret it later especially when he sees her with the other guy. Often his ego gets the better of him. The actual male lead is usually a more powerful CEO who has been secretly in love with the female lead for years. There could be a revenge component to it.

Some entertaining ones…

Half-brothers in love with the same woman. Older brother saved female lead years earlier and she mistook his brother for him.

This is another one which features a flawed but vengeful FL who goes after the ML’s family business. She tries to seduce the ML and ends up falling for him because *shock horror* he is really a decent guy.

This one is quite unique in terms of approach and plot. The ML is played by Liu Qing one of the most popular douyin actors and for good reason. The FL’s husband dies in a car accident and tries to take control of the family business. At his wake, his twin brother makes an appearance without any warning but doesn’t seem interested in the business.

1:19: 59 We briefly chat about The Legend of Shen Li which marks a long awaited reunion between Lin Gengxin and Zhao Liying from Princess Agents fame.

1:24:35 absoluteM recommends In Blossom which features Ju Jingyi and Liu Xueyi. I can attest to how charismatic and attractive Liu Xueyi is.


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