The Urban Lily Talks Tropes
The Urban Lily Talks Tropes
Drama Watch 25 September 2023

Drama Watch 25 September 2023


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0:00 Greetings and a lament (again!) about the numerous dramas on offer.

6:47 absoluteM talks about The Kidnapping Day currently airing on Prime featuring Yoon Kye Sang and Park Sung-hoon

11:00 Our really long discussion of My Dearest begins here

44:40 We launch into our review of Fake It Till You Make It.

51:00 Johnny Huang and Wang Ziqi’s latest drama, Brightest Eyes in the Dark.

52:43 I do a quick review of the latest Stand By Me featuring Zhao Jinmai of Reset fame adapted from a novel by Tong Hua.

1:03:35 absoluteM gives her views on A Time Called You. *Spoilers* I chime in with comparisons with the OG.

1:26:00 We chat about upcoming Shin Ha-kyun drama Evillive costarring Kim Young-kwan and Shin Jae-ha. Another October release.

1:28:34 absoluteM’s hot take on the Disney+ smash hit Moving. *Some spoilers*


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The Urban Lily Talks Tropes
The Urban Lily Talks Tropes
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