You Are My Glory (2021) Final Thoughts

Even with a few months left in the year there’s little doubt in my mind that this will be easily one of the best dramas coming out of the mainland or anywhere in Asia. It’s one of those rare outings that’s been careful not to out stay its welcome. Romance dramas to their own detriment almost always don’t know when to bring the push-pull to an end. The temptation to indulge in luck pushing is often why the final act in C dramas often feels unsatisfying. There are exceptions of course and this happens to be one of them. It’s been my contention for years that no romantic comedy should ever exceed 16 episodes and this one understands why that should be. 32 episodes, each about half an hour was about right for what they were trying to achieve. The cunning too of this production is also in its use of time jumps to chart the progress of the leads’ life together which leads me to wonder how differently things would have been for them if a child or children were also along for the ride.

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