You Are My Glory (2021) Early Impressions

Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat make an attractive pairing in this Notting Hill style storyline playing an aerospace engineer, Yu Tu and a popular screen celebrity, Qiao Jinging respectively. In this tale of two people falling in love while battling it out on a mobile online multiplayer game, the duo are formerly high school classmates who are at very different stages in their respective careers. Jingjing is a household name in the entertainment industry with billboards of her face plastered everywhere. Yu Tu is at a crossroads where he’s seriously considering leaving the aerospace industry for a new start in finance where he feels he is better able to support his parents. Once upon a time, Jingjing approached the super STEM smart Yu Tu and confessed to him. And of course she was politely and flatly rejected because he had other ideas of what an ideal lifetime partner would look like. But then who really expects the average 18-year-old to know what sort of spouse suits them best? Book learning or academic smarts don’t entirely equip anyone with the wherewithal to deal with every situation that comes up in life.

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