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Thank you for this essay! I’ve been watching this too and like you, also knew what I signed up for. Your assessment of Jiun’s role resonated with me because it was as if he was relegated to the traditional female lead where he’s essentially waiting for cues from Hwi. While I like that he’s supportive of Hwi then insistent on staying with her, the next episodes will tell how he navigates when Hwi herself sends him away again.

I think apart from that flash of wisdom in Episode 4, he’s always been someone who prefers to work closer to the ground, as a reaction to his aversion to politics. Thus, I don’t think he’ll ever follow through on that spot of brilliance. Prince Jaeun is in that unique position of being the better strategist, even better than Hwi based on what we’ve seen so far. So Jiun will probably have a different role that is unique to his skillset.

As long as they wrap up the story with a fairly satisfying ending, I don’t really expect a lot on the political front. But it would be nice for Hwi to take the lead on her future, and use Jaeun, Jiun and Gaon to their potential for her to successfully navigate to the desired end, whatever it may be.

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Hi I have been following your post since hospital playlist 2 and enjoyed your reviews immensely. I haven’t watched the king’s affection yet, but I am hooked on The Red Sleeve. As much as I enjoyed it, I am hoping you would watch it and post your thoughts on it. May I assure you that you won’t be disappointed. Nothing beats to read a good, thought provoking reviews of your favourite drama. Thank you for all your post on HP as well.

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