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OMG Lily. HELLO! I love you, and this is my just short fangirling letter to you. While I know it is fun to debate dramas with different viewpoints, I feel your train of thoughts is at a high calibre compared to mine. You've essentially said almost everything I've been fuming to put into words the last few days having finished this drama. I felt alot of rage for this drama, and I went into it with high expectations. It is hilarious to me that we both saw XW attempting to follow in the footsteps of MCS from Nirvana. I am going to come back tonight after I finish all my work to write more, because I think in seeing your posts, it helps me organize some of mine, since I've been jotting notes about what enraged me. LOL. Just wanna send a hug and hello first to say thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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Just finished watching the show. I had started reading your post a couple days ago but then stopped when I saw that there would be character death (thanks for the spoilers warning!). Of all the people they could've killed ... they literally made the worst possible choice. I found the first episode (or maybe first two) really rough and nearly dropped the show, but I do agree on the whole that the first half was much better than the second.

Like you and Kathleen, I felt nothing for the main pairing. I was shipping ZZ and JXN so hard, but we know how that turned out :( I also felt short changed with how their break-up was handled, especially considering how much JXN supposedly liked him.

Welp, now transferring my hopes over to "A Journey to Love."

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