I can understand the role of Min young in the grand scheme of things in paper, but I find the writing on this part lacking as the transition from the family to prosecutor side is still jarring for me. There is a superficiality to the prosecutor scenes and even the romance, as maybe the other parts of the show have more over-the-top emotions of greed, ambition amongst others

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I appreciate your comment about Min Young. I felt the same, especially after watching their two scenes in Ep11. Min Young is his refuge. She is a connection to his former life and one person that holds to her standard and not easily wavered. She is someone that he can trust, and maybe more importantly, someone that trusts him and is totally vulnerable in front of him. I initially thought with the intro that this would be more of a partnership relationship where he relies on her to get part of his plans executed, but their interaction after becoming a couple made me think otherwise. When she talked about her cases, including the one where DJ was personally being invested, I felt that his interest was more in appreciating her / feeling bad that she worked so hard / feeling loved and cared for, and not in whether she has been able to getting some results for him (I am basing this on how he always looks at her lovingly when she just rambles along; and I feel that he had wanted to look at her that way for a long time but was not able to before they became official). The hug in the hospital room was the firs time he broke down in front of someone, and it was with MY. So I totally agree with your comment that she is his refuge, his safe place. I think he goes to her more for comfort and rest, and not for executing his plans.

I am personally totally fine with this plot development, although it did take me a little time to realize and adjust to it, but I think many people are not expecting such a lovey dovey sweet relationship between them, and want something more "exciting". While I also understand that sentiment, it has been hard to see all the backlash this loveline has received, esp the comparison between their chemistry and that of DJ and MHM, so I am so glad to see your comments. :)

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Hello, I would also like to know your opinion about Min yeong part in this story. because I would like to know others' perspectives with no tendency or biased. I'm Shin Hyunbeen fan so I might be biased because, since the start, they already promote her as the female lead.

From your review, you think Min-yeong just play a part as Dojun refuge, and he needed her because he's been struggling to keep his business and creating miracles. Some people say romance is unnecessary in this show. Let's put aside that there are people who also didn't like Hyunbeen as Joongki love interest in this drama. Honestly, I hope Min-yeong is not just a lover for Dojun. I want to see her taking part as a prosecutor who gets into the messy war with the cunning family and plays a part to show what a good guy can do. That's what I think when they promote Hyunbeen as the female lead. I also agree that the love story should just play a small part in this drama. But up until now, her part is only as Dojun lover and we are still clueless about what is her part as the prosecutor while her scene is very limited. Maybe you could also give an opinion about her part as law enforcement?

I'm sorry if my comments are too straightforward and maybe not be written well.

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