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Agree, loving it!!

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Thank you for taking the time to post this! (I live in the US and this is the first I've heard of this show.) Hopefully I'm able to stream this show somewhere! Have you seen SOMEDAY OR ONEDAY? It's probably one of the best Taiwanese drams I've seen. And, it's another tear jerker. Kathleen, one of your followers, had recommended it to me. I think there's a movie now as well, but I can't speak to the quality of that version.

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Long time no write here, but I had to do it since thanks to your recommendation, I decided to watch this series and I loved it. It had been a while since I last watched a Taiwanese series, so it was a pleasant surprise and time well spent (unlike other series :D). All the cases to be solved had a reason to exist, a way to guide the protagonist in coping with his grief and understanding that it wasn't his fault what happened. Moreover, it was a way to mature and grasp what his path was.

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