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I have to confess. I thought at first this is just another historical kdrama but your blog compelled me to watch it and now we are at episode 12 and I’m sure I would have regretted it if I had let this one go. Such a masterpiece! Especially the consistency in the characters and the image that the makers so vividly create in the audience’s mind as to why someone does what they do. For example, say the husband Captain Gu. He reacts a certain way when he finds out his wife didn’t run away but was kidnapped. The otherwise incapable Lord Yeon Jun, for the first time, presents with an idea of how to bring her back. Not the husband. You can see how starkly opposite he is to Jung Hyun or even Gil Chae who are both quick witted people, and one immediately realises how wrong this current dynamic is. Along with everything the drama offers, the one thing that stands out for me is how these nuances are shown and not spoken.

And as always, your review was spot on.

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