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So agree, this show is one long, slow paced meditation on community support, what is valuable in life, friendship, creativity, cuisine and eating together, patience, kindness, tolerance, respect, the beauty of the countryside, as well as running efficient business, and daring to bring outmoded cottage craft up to speed...and so much more. It's a joy to watch, and you can see the comments on MDL reflect this sentiment. This one and My Liberation Notes are definitely also my favourites, just outstanding drama series, unique, beautifully filmed and scripted. All the actors are wonderful,

I first saw Crystal Liu in Dream of Splendour, I thought she was sensational. Li Xian...what can you say he's just phenomenal. Their relationship is so gorgeous, you have to wait a long time to see how it pans out, ep 31. I'm loving this one and also your recommendation Crash Course in Romance which is hysterically funny, and exceptionally well written (for a change).

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