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I love your reference to Gu Long’s wuxia heroes, because I was thinking the same too with some of Jin Yong’s.

You’re spot on about how LBY really is the general one brings in because of brilliance in both combat and strategy.

There was some weird ambiguity that I didn’t care for about the general they captured (the whole fiasco with the chicken vs mandarin duck wings was hilarious)…did he switch sides to LBY’s and betray Peng Kun? I was a bit lost there because it seemed so odd especially when there’s one-man LBY going in like the Trojan horse and didn’t quite think things through. I can sorta understand on his part though, given that he wants to do what he can ASAP to head out and find CSS. It was heartfelt seeing the symbolism as well too, and how it was Shaosheng’s armour that saved LBY’s life. In her defense, it was DEFINITELY a rabbit embroidered on there.

Thank goodness there’s someone (you) who has a good head on her shoulders in understanding LBY’s desire to have normalcy in some semblance of his life, and it so happens that the greatest emotion of love is what captured him in the form of NN. I truly don’t think she’d have been happy with anyone else other than LBY. (biasness talking, maybe!)

Thank you for posting! I see you’ve posted for 45-46 too, so I’ll see you over there in a bit!

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