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Looking back at Ah Yao and Shao Shang's relationship, I think they would have had a comfortable relationship/marriage but is that what marriage is? Being comfortable.

They would likely plod the mundane day to day but Shao Shang's inquisitive, progressive nature will overpower Ah Yao eventually and he will end up being a supporter rather than a husband.

I am saddened when you said that Shao Shang feels that the best she can get is Ah Yao who was the first to propose to her. Makes you wonder is she would have reacted the same way if it was Yuan Shen or LBY.

[Watch what Shao Shang says to Ah Yao in Ep 21. I will be interested to read what you thought about the whole scene]

At this moment, LBY is holding back because he does respect Shao Shang. He wants the best for her and to ensure she will live well even if he is no longer in her life.

That imperial edict was an act of love - I am sure LBY has never asked for anything from the Emperor before and this would have emphasised that LBY has strong feelings for this lady.

PS. It really looks like more and more people are becoming aware of LBY's regard for Shao Shang. I would love to see the epiphany when Shao Shang comes to realise how much LBY truly loves her.

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