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I agree with the two scenes.

That scene with all the suitors and the subtext of the conversation flowing about them. When Ling Bu Yi states clearly he will save his fiancée first, we get a very clear picture of what will happen when/if he wins Shao Shang. He will always put her first. And he is very sure and decisive in this matter. No flowery words from him and this is where Yuan Shen loses out.

And that scene when he escorts them into the city - I am not sure whether Shao Shang understood his actions but her parents clearly do. This stoic young general, ruthless to many and not prone to tender-heartedness has made way for them to enter the city and it looks like a guard of honor with horsemen on both sides (I thought of Moses and the Red Sea reference). This meant that whoever he was escorting is of great importance and that started the worry machines in her parents.

To meet a man multiple times (and half-dressed, tended to his bare-chested wounds) is not the right thing for a young lady to be doing. But it was through that scene that emphasised how suitable she would be to be a general's wife - starting bravely as a rebel swings his sword, tending to wounds that no young lady should be seeing and having a quick mind in working out what is really going on with the rebels.

I am sure Ling Bu Yi (and Yuan Shen) have not given up. Ling Bu Yi will still try to find ways to win her favour. However, it doesn't bode well (seeing the Ep 19 previews!)

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