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Woohoo!!! I was wondering when you were going to post (there is no pressure of course), and here it is. LOL, Lily!!! “The man who commands armies and tortures criminals in his dungeon is blissfully oblivious of how he comes across to lesser mortals.” The way LBY is presented on screen really is magnificent and swoon worthy despite what Wu Lei says about LBY being a toxic person in some ways, and that he’d run away…but I can’t help but wonder how the source material of the novel was. I remember (please don’t quote me) someone posting maybe in the comment section on MDL that within the novel, you couldn’t quite tell who the male lead was. However, the show has gone with the big guns here to let us know each time LBY enters a scene.

Ah, the empress. I thought the same thing how they’ve really shoved it down our throats that the emperor and empress don’t love each other in such a romantic way, but there is constant consideration and respect. I couldn’t stop nodding when you pointed out what I thought as well, about how being a woman of the emperor mostly is not out of love, but some political exchange or one-night-stands if they’re consorts and concubines. Things really would have been malicious and awful in another tv harem, amen!

My friend and I always get into (fun) bickerings on Yuan Shen, with her defending him and saying how guys are more immature, but it isn’t a pass for me to be the “boy who pulls on a girl’s hair and is mean to her because he likes her” when they’re over 10 years old in my modern lens. LOL. It truly is ironic that he is besotted by a woman whose deep affections could never be his in the same way.

Okay, I felt a bit of a whiplash with the Cheng family being wrapped up in the scheme of embezzlement and defection. I wonder how they’ll pan this out with the episodes ahead.

I have to thank you so much too on explaining the way the emperor dishes out punishment here against the Cheng family, because I totally forgot that this is harder for him to deal with considering the implications for his goal of reforming talent and positions based on merit. It WAS a major disappointment of his punishment to Marquis Yue in comparison to the Cheng family, but your explanation made me see it differently.

On sweeter things, I am also here gushing over the scenes of Zisheng riding in with such grace and glory on the tall, black stallion. They really went all out there too with the score, the spectacular use of sunlight and shadow against his silhouette on his armour and mandarin duck wings. I loveee the scene where Zisheng, this great general, gets down from his horse to go to his fiancée and holds her hands, talking about letting him do the needlework in the future. The hilarious exchange that ensued was so perfect, but so was the conversation and all the emotions displayed across the faces of our leads. I am still gushing!

I don’t know how I am going to survive the next two weeks with all its angst, but I am glad I get to be a part of your journey in this place and time in hearing your thoughts. I am super anxious as it is, but your words and thoughts have also helped soothe thoughts and they’re a balm for my heart going through this drama. Thank you, Lily! “See” you again soon!

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Thanks a lot for your writing.

Your articles are delightful.

I've found that reading recap and commentary of dramas increases my pleasure (and my understanding of some cultural background), however your prose is truly on another level.

I am besotted. (picture me with a beaming smile similar to Zhao Lu Si's)

Love like the galaxie is my first costume cdrama. Thus some tropes feel fresh to my green eyes. Nevertheless this drama seems to benefit from good production. And now from your entancing observations.

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