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Hi again, Lily! It’s always so nice to hear your thoughts for LLTG.

The part where you mentioned how Niaoniao isn’t quite alone in so many aspects… I am glad you called it out. For Shaoshang, I wonder if it’s the result of being an adolescent to not quite reflect that while she was separated from her parents, when her family returned, her father and brothers lovingly out-right dote on her. The same with her third uncle and especially her third aunt (I miss them). But I do think whenever she has the inner monologue to herself of relying on no one else but herself, it does help her endure the hard times.

YESS! I wish there was more conversation between them for growth from the tiger seal incident. It felt like such a missed opportunity for the drama.

Ahh, this! “It always a puzzling thing that people spend so much time and energy on their careers/professions and so relatively/ proportionately little effort on their closest relationships.” All of this!!!

At first, I thought the way LBY executed his “gift” to the princess was quite cruel, though in character with him. Then considering what you reminded us with what 5th princess did and how she saw Shaosheng’s life, I could understand why LBY exacted the situation.

I think in another place and time, if he and LBY were not love rivals, they’d be good friends.

I always love the way you write and structure your thoughts/essays by the way. You already know that though. :) Onto the next!

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