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I enjoy your podcast a lot. It's like voicing out all of my thoughts especially your thoughts about the show's progress in season 2 since lately I've been reading it a lot and it would be a lie to say that it's not bothering me. I also don't see that anything has changed in season 2. I enjoy the show as much as season 1. I even love the latest episode, since it's also telling Seonbin's progress as a resident. As we all know, Seonbin wasn't shown as much in season 1 compared to the other residents. So, I don't really understand the complaint about season 2. And I'm glad that both of you are having the same thoughts.

Regarding the Korean audience, some of them also have complaints about the show. I've read the retweet about the complaints. But, I've got to agree with absoluteM that most of the Korean audiences are happy with the drama so far since the ratings are doing good.

I'd be looking forward for the next podcast!

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Loving the podcast!

I think a lot of fans forgot the original intent of PD--that it's slice of life in the everyday life of doctors and patients in Yulje.

As I've mentioned before, romance is neatly integrated in the patient/doctor stories. Hospital Playlist is one big puzzle. All pieces come together at some point to create a beautiful picture.

To focus on just one romance is a disservice because HP is not a romance drama so no matter how much I love WinterGarden, I really wouldn't like it if HP only focused on that.

I still feel like I'm the 6th friend where I see these doctors growing right before my eyes. I'm not always privy to everything they do or say to their respective/potential partners and that's fine with me.

This is my wishlist but I want to see Jeong-Won lose a patient and how he will deal with it. He was depicted in S1 as a rare breed who feels too much so I want to see how he'll handle losing a patient now with Gyeo-ul by his side. It would also be a good character development for Gyeo-ul to be a steady and stable presence for Jeong-won. If that situation is ever shown, then I feel that the relationship has come full circle.

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Really had a lot of fun chatting. Thanks for having me join you ! This season has met my expectations thus far. There were some surprises / unexpected revelations towards the end of eps 4 and now eps 5. The time jump promises a change in dynamics for the show . Looking forward to it.

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