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Another great article from you, thank you so much!

I agree that the mentoring structure depicted in this show is very healthy - something I wish to see more in real life, more experienced people taking responsibility for their younger lot...

Ughhh, we really should take Jun-wan out for drinks and talk some sense into him! I also insist that the writers must give him a hell of a happy ending, something akin to S01E12 WG kiss. And Ik-jun playing a Switzerland here is annoying. Understandable, but annoying, and it will blow in his face one day.

It is a cliche but E06 is my favorite episode so far. So many relatable stories, such an uplifting message. We have a long wait ahead of us - let's hope it will be worth it!

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I was right in expecting that this episode would be all about the interns/residents and we see a glimpse of the Lacking Five as interns.

I'm glad that this episode was light and ended on a happy note because a heavy episode would just be too much for our poor hearts, given that there's a delay in airing episode 7.

I'll wait for your next post if you're writing an in-depth analysis in the next few days. HP is shown in my country at 10 PM and I end up watching until 1 AM for rewatch. As a result, I'm tired by Friday morning and can't think much and my only desire is to just watch the latest episode again. Hahahaha!

The song they performed this week is indeed very uplifting.

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I have been waiting for your post and as always, it is awesome!

My respect for medical professionals continues to grow with every episode. In addition to their dedication and hard work, they also have to deal with a lot of insecurity as they continue to move along the path of their career. The new fellows do not feel confident enough to lead surgeries, as they were all just residents a month before. This feeling, in a way, may even be more burdensome that what the new interns feel - The interns have a lot of supervision, and are not expected to do tasks that would put the patients' lives in great danger, but a wrong cut of the a fellow's scalpel could lead to a failed surgery, even death. And thinking about their general ages, it is definitely not an easy feeling to have in your mid-30s, when many of your non-doc friends have become very secured in their professionals and are making calls with confidence and ease. I know some ppl were questioning why GU would make those self-disparaging comments in the recent episodes, but to me, it just made her more human. She might have been given some innate ability to deal with the stress and workload, but she still needs more than those to become a great surgeon - she needs experience, lots of experience, to hone her skills, to better care for others, and to build her confidence.

About Junwan, I definitely felt for him when he told SW and IJ that he was not over Buldogi yet. I feel that in addition to his need for long-term companionship, he also needs a closure. The decision to end the relationship was made for him and he was given no chance to fight or to accept it (I agree 100% to all the things you said in your post!). I hope he will have the closure he needs soon, whether or not he and IS would be reunited, to at least finish the limbo state he is in now.

Although it would be quite an inconvenience to the newly wed, I do think it would be hilarious for GU and Junwan to become housemates, though. I always feel that they are very similar and I would love to see their interaction, especially doing mukbang together :P.

I also noticed that the comment about Jeongwon being "all by himself" was repeated a few times this episode, and it started in the earlier episodes. It hit me also because it appeared that he should have more help now with more people in GS, as well as at least one fellow. Was this to continue reinforcing the level of trust / comfort he has with GU since he included her in his OR (but this point was already clearly noted in S1E12), or is it building up to something? I would like to hear your thoughts if you also noticed it.

One last comment - as much as I understand GU's decision to choose HPB, I do miss her and JW in the OR together. They just feel so in sync!

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I loved this episode and the message of patience in learning and gaining experience. Even the best surgeons made newbie mistakes (I laughed so hard at the drawer mistake). And the choice of song this week is so uplifting! I cried midway through the song because I just started in healthcare (exploring a mid career switch) and have already made numerous silly mistakes 6 days in, so this is a great reminder that this is all new and I will need time and patience to learn and be good at what I do.

Junwan - I so wanted to reach out to give him a hug when he matter-of-factly said he misses his ex. Poor guy - what a place to be in life now, especially since he hates being alone.

Jeongwon - I squealed when he said he is planning to propose. Are we really gonna see a wedding at the end of Season 2?

And - are Songhwa, Ikjun and Uju really going camping in the next episode??! (how are we gonna wait 14 days?!)

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Another great one from you, thank you as always!

This episode just reminded me of my own blunders and all, and it was such a fun and breezy watch. My favorite blunder here will always be Hongdo's Richardson, out.

I'm happy that Gyeoul chose HPB as her Sub-specialisation, IkJang mentor-mentee relationship is just Jjang!

Jeongwon is still a ticking time bomb as he doesn't realise that he toggles between jondaemal and banmal on that scene with Gyeoul and the 4 new Residents, hence the chirping bird sound of Gyeoul. Speaking of that scene, was it just me who thought there was a lingering gaze with the tall guy resident to Gyeoul? The female resident was vocal, hence that is obvious, but the guy with Gyeoul it seems to be subtle.

As for Junwan, I really felt bad for him that I'm fine if he crashes WG's newly wedded space. I'm still not fine with the noble idiocy of Iksun, but clearly Junwan is all for her, so might as well have them get back together after they sort things out.

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