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Hello hello! :) always good to listen to yours and Absolute M's perspective. I listened to parts of this with the dramas I followed, and I am laughing that this might be the year our drama likings differ, Lily. HAHAHAHA. I watched DEATH'S GAME and absolutely enjoyed the first part of the series. But the second part, I felt the drama kind of turned into a different revenge plot to me, and then I wasn't thrilled with the suicide message it subtly sent, about how it's selfish. I understand how it can be selfish, but I feel the burden of expecting someone who is so down and at the end of the line to have to carry that thought of others' consideration before deciding to die by suicide is also tough too. There is so much of the mental health aspect that is involved. I feel really torn about labeling suicide as selfish, so maybe it's why I struggled with the drama. I also hated the ending though, because it felt like all of it was a dream. The casting was stellar, but somewhere along the way, the story diverged into a different one for me and the rules changed at times.

I am so happy you're enjoying TWINKLING WATERMELON, even if it's slow. LOL. Though I will say, I had issues about the overall ending of the story too, and the message the drama sent, along with the way it wrapped. I actually never saw BACK TO THE FUTURE or MY PERFECT STRANGER, so maybe I will have to venture down those too since they sound like you recommend them for a bit faster pace writing.

Appreciate yours and Absolute M's discussion about conflicts and how healthy it is to have conflict even in relationships/marriages, which I think is so important too. I chose not to watch AMIDST A SNOWSTORM OF LOVE too, since it didn't seem to appeal to me, but I wish there were more dramas with healthy relationships, and how conflicts are resolved in a healthy manner too.

With all the tropes you both shared, that is hilarious of these current ones.

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