Sep 10, 2022Liked by 40somethingahjumma

It was fun getting to listen to you and absoluteM discuss LLTG. I remember listening to it while I was first sick and still recovering right now, so all my thoughts seemed to have left my mind now. But I did love what you shared of course of how HBY was the best suited for SS, even if it’s for pragmatic reasons. LOL. I really love your voice, but you knew that too. Thank you for pointing out how HBY realized that after their 5 years of separation, that he never factored in how his absence would affect her. I absolutely agree that this is Wu Lei’s best work so far with the different facet of emotions he can command. I absolutely love both of the leads from this drama too and the best chemistry with each other too, and I feel it’s their best work so far. HAHAHA, yes to the last 5 episodes. I didn’t listen to the rest since I didn’t see the rest of the shows, but thank you for doing this podcast section! 😊

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