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I finally had a chance to listen to your conversation with absoluteM and it was really lovely to hear you both talk about your drama yays and nays. I am going to address the heartbreaking shock of Lee Sun-Kyun who died by suicide first. My friend and I were talking about this and we felt there was even more shady stuff at play. Honestly, the consequence of drug-use should have some reform in Korea, because they technically don't have a drug problem on the surface, but when someone is found with drugs, it seems to be a death sentence. Where I am from, USA, there is a major drug problem, and many believing marijuana the gateway drug, but I also feel conflicted given that it has its medicinal use that benefit others too. But that was so tragic and sad to read.

As for dramas, I hope you're slowly finding some time to catch up on the rest of A JOURNEY TO LOVE (AJTL). Still waiting to hear your thoughts, and I am actually excited to see what you think too. Of course, there is no pressure. I ended up not writing anything since this Chinese youtuber had discussed her thoughts on AJTL, and it was practically my exact thoughts. However, despite my strong reaction to the last parts of AJTL, I have to agree with you so far that it is perhaps still the best period C-drama of 2023 with a stellar cast of in their comradery in the story that I've ever seen in a drama. I can't even think of a female equivalent sisterhood on the scale of the bromance of the Liu Dao brotherhood in AJTL.

One of the dramas you talked about, MEET YOURSELF was not even on my radar, only because I've heard a few of my friends talk about how slow it was. I may have to check it out to see if it's a drama for me. Like you said, Lily, I also don't want to drama watching to be exhausting vs. enjoyment. I could have missed it, but have you seen the K-drama, TWINKLING WATERMELON? I feel you would enjoy this youth-drama done well. It has tones of BACK TO THE FUTURE and 17 AGAIN. I just finished it and while I had issues because there were a lot of questions left unanswered for me at the end, I did really love it overall.

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