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Ohhh l will be listening to this on my commute for work. I'm so excited because there's a line up of the dramas you've mentioned here that are on my list to watch. Thank you so much for doing this episode. (And all others) I'll be back to respond to the LYF discussion on the reverse harem we have been talking on💜 especially with content of what you share in the podcast 👏🏼

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Ohhh, I listened to parts of your podcast and MOVING is on my list too! I can’t wait to dive into that and go back to listen so it makes more sense to me. But I came for your discussion here about LYF, especially about TJC. I actually didn’t realize some of the drama genre we have in common. Like you, I absolutely stay away from xianxia dramas because I feel many of them haven’t been able to ground us into their stories without all the confusion. I have not found one I could get behind. So when you talked about this, I was just sitting here nodding. Then you brought in your love for LLTG, and me: OMG SAME SAME. I wish the romance was strong for my ship…HAHAHA. And yessss, XL is your favorite character. I actually didn’t realize that until our discussions in your reverse harem post in the comment section. But yes, I wish he was the main ML too! I think even in the book, he has this commanding presence that overshadows everyone else too. I am blown away by the actor's calibre and he truly embodies XL as in the books. NO, LILY! I can’t bear the angst and heartbreak round 2 to watch the drama fully for him. So I chose snippet of music videos with XY and XL. HAHAHA (If you ever decide you want to give the book a try, please let me know and I would be happy to email it to you. The novel was translated into English by Koala’s Playground, and I painstakingly took the time back then to format it into an ebook just so I could read it on my kindle…only to want to light my kindle on fire knowing my ship sank. My kindle is fine…I really am anticipating STORY OF KUNING PALACE.

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