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This drama is already showing more promise and potential than "Story of Kunning Palace." To my surprise, the princess has been a scene stealer for me. From what I've seen so far, she's my favorite depiction of the naive-princess-forced-to-grow-up trope. This is also the first time I've seen her act, but now I'll be sure to keep an eye out for her in future roles.

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Hello, hello. I adore AJTL and think the writing of all the characters have been really great. It is so nice to see such camaraderie and trust between the characters. Everyone for the most part is really great in their own individual way, and the Avengers/A-Team totally works. I think this is also THE BEST role for Fang Yilun. He portrays Shi San so effortlessly and looks like he is thoroughly enjoying himself in this character.

I didn’t care much for the princess initially, but she’s grown on me. I continue to love her growth in the story with her bravery and courage.

The romance is also really mature and I love that Ruyi and Yuan Zhou communicate. Their relationship reminds me a bit of the couple from A DREAM OF SPLENDOR. My only issue with the romance between them is the conversation of all this having a baby. I wonder if it’s subtle propaganda which would not surprise me. I’ll give the drama intelligent writing though, because they’ve woven this in a way where while Ruyi is intelligent and lethal, she still is naïve about other things given how she was raised. I guess we’ll find out more as the story progresses. But I love that Ruyi is an equal to Yuan Zhou, and they did not dumb down her character…thank goodness! She’s retained all her lethalness as an assassin and her intelligence, but there is growth for her in being part of this family of avengers. I love that the rest of the gang practically support and ship our leads. It’s adorable. I find Yuan Zhou a very unique character written as the lead in a drama. Normally we get tsundere, cold, aloof characters. His character is different in that he jokes around, is intelligent, can be a charmer, but isn’t a playboy, isn’t arrogant, nor a jerk. He’s a leader, an older brother, is just, and I love the way Liu Yu Ning is bringing this Ning Yuan Zhou to life. It’s also perhaps his best role to date for me too!

And then on the opposite end for me, would be the actor cast for the marquis aka Li Tong Guang. I might be in the minority, but I can’t take him seriously as the marquis who has this commanding presence. His character is fascinating, but I can’t buy the presence of the actor. I don’t know if it’s the long curly hair, his baby face, or the thin physique, but I guess we’ll see if my impressions change.

Hope you’re having a good trip so far, and I’m looking forward to your future posts on this!

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Lily, come back! I need you to talk about your thoughts on the entire drama of AJTL and what you thought of the ending. I have so much to say and am slowly gathering my thoughts. So come back soon, friend 🤣

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