Law School (2021) Did They or Didn't They?

Contains spoilers for finale…

So the elephant in the room in Law School has got to be… Did they or did they not?

The long and short of it is… I’m not disappointed.

I was taken to task the other day for saying that there was enough evidence in the finale to indicate that Joon-hwi and Sol A had become a couple. The other party insisted that Sol A would never betray Sol B by becoming romantically involved with Joon-hwi because she knew her roommate liked him. Apparently Joon-hwi doesn’t have thoughts of his own or any right to thoughts of his own to choose for himself a romantic partner. He’s only some kind of trophy to be won. And it is somehow “betrayal” to like a man who is single and available. However there is that scene where Sol A who is upstairs sees Joon-hwi down in the lobby and she calls out to him, eagerly tagging along when he says he is going to chill somewhere. Except that he doesn’t chill and they end up attending a trial together helping an elderly man without legal counsel. That’s his idea of a good time. Sol A gets a bit jelly too when Joon-hwi initiates a hand stack and Sol B is rather quick to put her hot little hand directly on his. And then of course… there’s the power walk at the end and the two of them glance at each other as they strut their stuff behind Yangcrates.

I am happy with what we got. I am happy that things were left in such a way that it was open to the viewer’s interpretation. I choose to think that the two of them became an item because they like each other too much. No one else would ever do for either of them. Certainly not for Joon-hwi and he’s the really really smart one. He knows only too well that she’s his soulmate and he will collect as promised. My guess is the show is saying that it would only be a matter of time. This was never a romance-oriented drama and yet for some reason it had a large proportion of the audience on their knees begging for more of the leads. I would venture to say that this non-romance show does a non-romance better than many romance dramas do romance.

I’ve heard it said that Joon-hwi and Sol A have a platonic friendly dynamic. That’s all it is. But I’d like to know exactly what does a platonic dynamic actually look like? Because apparently I didn’t know that there is only one kind. In a world of 7 plus billion people, there is only one way people in love show affection. So when a man teases a woman incessantly and hangs around her constantly even when he doesn’t need to, that’s just him being friendly? Nothing else? Just like Gilbert Blythe did when he pulled Anne Shirley’s braids and called her “carrots” to get her attention. But when Joon-hwi treats a woman no differently to the way he treats his male friends, what does it mean? Maybe it’s true then that Joon-hwi is crushing on Ye-seul then and he’s committed perjury because he bent over backwards to be protective of her. He has to have other intentions. But then Sol B could be his endgame because he speaks to her with all seriousness on the few occasions we see them speak alone. He once put her spectacles back on her face. That has to be true love right there.

You know of course I’m being tongue-in-cheek. I don’t why SolHwi has to be defended against detractors and I don’t know why detractors bother. If you don’t care, why should it matter? It’s still a good drama with plenty to offer whether or not Joon-hwi ends up with Sol A.