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Drama Watch 7 August 2023

In conversation with absoluteM

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This podcast episode was recorded on the 4 July 2023.

0:55 absoluteM opines on the current state of romance and the popular King the Land

12:18 The relationship dynamics in Not Others and the actors

31:26 Raving about Park Sung-hoon — Upcoming and past projects

37:40 My Dearest plug

38:42 We wander our way into Shadow Detective

41:19 I bring up Revenant and recommend it

48:56 Miraculous Brothers

51:55 absoluteM gives DP Season 2 a plug

55:25 I am asked about Fireworks of My Heart

1:01:17 We move on to natter about Hidden Love and the romance genre

1:09:32 See You in My 19th Life

1:12:53 The trend towards adaptations and I rant about The Legend of Anle

1:16:30 The Uncanny Counter S2

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