Jul 6 • 58M

Drama Watch 4 July 2023

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In this meandering conversation we go into multiple dramas. At some point we go into some length over See You in My 19th Life which I’m currently watching.

2:37 I mention Gaus Electronics

3:48 I launch into a quick review of My Perfect Stranger

8:58 We start our discussion on The Good Bad Mother

15:21 absoluteM cautiously makes reference to Miraculous Brothers, a newish crime drama.

16:27 I mention my interest in Bloodhounds and absoluteM gives a quick review.

18:06 absoluteM mentions she’s watching King The Land.

21:08 See You in My 19th Life (Contains some spoilers)

31:42 absoluteM mentions Not Others starring Choi Soo-young and Jeon Hye-jin as something she’s looking forward to.

33:48 Quick mention of Squid Game S2 and Wi Ha-joon. I also drop a Reborn Rich spoiler in connection with that.

36:11 I declare that I’m watching Hidden Love.

41:23 We start talking about The Round Up: No Way Out film from here.

45:45 absoluteM mentions Vigilante coming to a platform near you soon.

48:39 I bring up Shadow Detective. (The first couple of episodes of Part 2 have dropped)

51:11 I refer to Psychopath Diary and Yoon Shi-yoon

52:57 Namgoong Min, One Dollar Lawyer and his body of work gets a mention in relation to Lovers/My Dearest — his upcoming drama.