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Drama Watch 30 May 2023

In conversation with absoluteM

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Drama endings 0:35

Bo Ra! Deborah / True to Love: The good, bad and incomprehensible 2:37

Stealer: The Treasure Keeper. The ending and the villain. 18:39

Family: The Unbreakable Bond. absoluteM recommends it. 20:50

Rant about Disney Plus. 28:36

Race. absoluteM recommends it highly. Office drama. 31:52

Teaser’s out for Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha-joon’s drama The Worst of Evil. 34:59

The Love You Give Me. Comparisons with other similar C dramas. 37:03

Nothing But You. 40:33

Cute kids 45:35

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble 49:05

Shorter dramas becoming a trend 50:47

Drama endings again. 51:21

Me trying to fix True to Love 57:07

absoluteM talks about Dr Romantic 3 and Black Knight. 1:00:55