Dec 29, 2022 • 21M

Drama Watch 28 December 2022: Part 1 Reborn Rich

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*Spoilers galore*

This podcast is the first of three parts that absoluteM and I recorded yesterday. In this portion we have a chin wag about Reborn Rich and that ending.

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced I am that the ending was plainly disingenuous. If the writer had the courage of her convictions she would have made the switch in narrative direction a lot sooner. I do think ratings played into this to a large degree. Perhaps the showrunners did anticipate the blowback which is why the ending feels to many of us to be riddled with plotholes. Frankly I don’t want to fanwank. It shouldn’t be up to me as the viewer to fill in the gaps and do the writer’s job for her. Whatever else we might agree or disagree about the ending, the lynchpin of the finale, the recording from 2004 is a gaping plothole that all the cement in the world can’t fill.


Knetz unleashing their fury regarding the ending:

The original commentary thread. Use Google translate. I had a good laugh reading some of the comments further down the bottom.