The Urban Lily Talks Tropes
The Urban Lily Talks Tropes
Drama Watch 12 April 2023

Drama Watch 12 April 2023

In conversation with absoluteM

In this conversation we have chin-wag about

  • Decoy Parts 1 and 2. A decent noir detective series starring Jang Geun-suk, Seo Heung-tae and Lee Elijah about individuals related to a pyramid scheme.

  • 8:45 : Our Blooming Youth. An unengaging sageuk. Comparisons with Warm on a Cold Night. Imperial Coroner gets a mention.

  • 16:43 : What fictional “strong” female leads look like… apparently. A study in extremes

  • 18:32 : Divorce Attorney Shin featuring Cho Seung-woo, Jung Moon-sung and Jang Hyung-geun. Legal procedural and slice-of-life.

  • 23:30 : Taxi Driver S2

  • 30:37 : Road Home. My mixed feelings about it. I rave about Jing Boran.

  • 38:50 : Wu Lei’s latest drama Nothing But You. A noona romance co-starring Zhou Yutong. We extol his talent and versatility.

  • 44:55 : Flight to You. Comparing Tan Songyun’s chemistry with Wang Kai to her chemistry with Lin Gengxin in Master of My Own. Her choice of dramas.

  • 50:21 : Jang Hyuk and Jang Na-ra’s latest collaboration Family : The Unbreakable Bond. Premise sounds like James Cameron’s True Lies.

  • 54:17 : absoluteM plugs Call It Love. Finishing up this week.

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The Urban Lily Talks Tropes
The Urban Lily Talks Tropes
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